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Discover the Potential of Blue Spirulina E25 by BINMEI: Unleashing the Power of China Spirulina Powder

Blue Spirulina E25, proudly crafted by BINMEI, harnesses the exceptional properties of qualified China spirulina powder. With its wide range of applications and a commitment to purity, Blue Spirulina E25 stands as a versatile and high-quality product. In this article, we will explore the diverse applications of Blue Spirulina E25 and shed light on the importance of Phycocyanin Concentration and Quality Assessment.

Applications of Blue Spirulina E25:

Clean Label Food Colorant: Blue Spirulina E25 provides a clean and natural solution for food coloring. With consumer demand shifting towards clean labels, the minimal addition of 5% sodium citrate ensures that Blue Spirulina E25 aligns perfectly with this trend. Food manufacturers can now create vibrant blue hues in their products while maintaining transparency and using natural ingredients.

Cosmetics with Added Benefits: The beauty industry has embraced Blue Spirulina E25 for its remarkable properties. With its anti-allergy, antioxidant, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory characteristics, Blue Spirulina E25 adds value to cosmetic formulations. By incorporating this ingredient into skincare products, BINMEI enables manufacturers to offer cosmetics that promote skin health and deliver enhanced benefits.

Health and Medical Products: Blue Spirulina E25’s health benefits make it ideal for medical and health care products. Its ability to boost immunity, exhibit anti-cancer properties, and provide liver protection sets it apart. By incorporating Blue Spirulina E25 into formulations targeted at improving overall well-being, BINMEI enables the creation of products that address specific health concerns.

Phycocyanin Concentration and Quality Assessment:

BINMEI places great importance on the purity and quality of Blue Spirulina E25, particularly regarding its key component, phycocyanin. Phycocyanin concentration and quality are assessed through a measurement of the absorption ratio at specific wavelengths. The absorption at approximately 618+5nm, the maximum absorption wavelength of phycocyanin, is compared to the absorption at approximately 280nm, the maximum absorption wavelength of interfering compounds.

The higher the absorption ratio, the purer the phycocyanin. BINMEI employs labeling, such as Blue Spirulina E25, to indicate varying levels of phycocyanin purity. A higher label number signifies a higher concentration of phycocyanin, ensuring superior quality and potency.


BINMEI’s Blue Spirulina E25, derived from premium China spirulina, offers a multitude of applications across various industries. From clean label food coloring to cosmetics with added benefits and health care products, Blue Spirulina E25 delivers exceptional versatility. Furthermore, BINMEI’s commitment to Phycocyanin Concentration and Quality Assessment ensures that each product maintains the utmost purity and potency. Embrace the power of Blue Spirulina E25 by BINMEI and unlock a world of innovative and high-quality products that harness the benefits of China spirulina.

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