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Improving Flexibility and Security : Hikvision’s Pro Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G501X

Hikvision, a renowned leader in the security industry, continues to revolutionize Turnstile access control systems with their state-of-the-art solutions. Among their impressive product offerings is the Pro Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G501X, which combines advanced features and seamless integration capabilities for efficient and secure access control.

Barrier Modes for Access Control Flexibility

The Pro Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G501X offers selectable barrier modes, providing administrators with the flexibility to control access based on specific requirements.  Barrier open/closed, free accessing, and forbidden modes can be easily configured, allowing organizations to tailor access permissions as needed.

Valid Passing Duration Settings

To optimize efficiency and maintain the integrity of access control, the Pro Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G501X allows for the configuration of valid passing duration. In cases where a person fails to pass through the turnstile within the designated timeframe, the system will automatically cancel their passing permission. This feature prevents unauthorized access attempts and ensures a secure environment.

Offline Function Configuration with Key Buttons

Ensuring easy and convenient setup, the Pro Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G501X features key buttons for offline function configuration. Administrators can easily access and adjust the turnstile’s functions and parameters without the need for an active network connection. This offline configuration capability offers flexibility and convenience during installation or when network access is limited.


Hikvision’s Pro Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G501X exemplifies their commitment to delivering advanced access control solutions. Whether it’s a corporate headquarters, government facility, or public venue, Hikvision’s Pro Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G501X offers unparalleled security, flexibility, and convenience. Experience enhanced access control capabilities and empower your organization with the latest technology from Hikvision.

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