Understanding More About Your Wage Hour Dispute in California

If you are living in California and are considering filing a claim, remember that you basically have three years to file a claim. To put it simply, from the day the employer violated the law by terminating you, you have almost three years. So, work with a Wage disputes attorney to make sure you file the claim within the period.

What are the types of damages you can claim?

Let us take you through some of the damages for which you can file a claim in California for a wage-hour dispute.

  • Pain and suffering: There is no doubt that losing a job all of a sudden due to no fault of yours can make things really difficult in your life. Fortunately, you can file a claim against your company for that. The lawyer you hire will make sure that no such thing happens to you and that you get compensation for it in case you suffer. They will even consult a psychologist if the need arises.
  • Legal and attorney fees: There are of course a lot of legal expenses you will have to bear. However, there is nothing to worry about as you will be able to recover all that money with the compensation. Remember that the lawyers hardly take on cases that they believe hold no chance of winning since they work on contingency fees.
  • Punitive damages: If your lawyer is able to establish that your lawyer acted out of malice, you can get compensation for that as well.
  • Lost wages: Since the time you were wrongfully terminated, you must have lost a lot of

Wage and benefits. With the compensation you will get, you can recover all that money.

  • Loss of wage in the future: If you can show that the new job you got does not pay as much as the old job after getting terminated wrongfully, you can recover the rest of the money with the compensation.
  • Getting rehired: In some rare cases, it has been seen that the employees were rehired after the lawsuit. However, we suggest you don’t count on it, as the work environment may not be the same once you join again.

Final thoughts:

If the above things have happened to you and you are ready to go against the employer, you should first consult an employment lawyer to have a proper understanding of the case.

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