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Superior Precision and Efficiency with GETO – Your Trusted Formwork Supplier

As a reliable formwork supplier, GETO is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for the construction industry. With their innovative flat-tie system, they offer lighter accessories, enhanced flexibility for precision adjustments, and improved verticality control. Experience exceptional casting results and cost savings with GETO as your preferred formwork supplier.

The Features of GETO’s Flat-Tie System

  1. Lightweight Accessories: GETO’s flat-tie system incorporates lighter accessories, making it easier to handle and manipulate during construction. This feature not only increases worker efficiency but also reduces the overall weight load on the formwork structure.
  2. Precision Adjustments and Verticality Control: The smaller gaps between raking shores in their flat-tie system enable precise adjustments and enhanced control over the verticality of concrete walls. This ensures that your construction projects achieve superior vertical alignment and excellent finish quality.

Cost Savings and Enhanced Waterproofing

  1. No Obvious Holes: When dismantling the formwork system, the edges of the flat-ties are cut using specialized tools, leaving no visible holes in the concrete walls. This eliminates the need for costly hole filling, saving both time and resources during post-construction processes.
  2. Guaranteed Waterproof Quality: By eliminating obvious holes in the concrete wall, GETO’s flat-tie system enhances the waterproofing construction quality. This ensures long-term integrity and durability, minimizing potential water damage and related maintenance costs.


GETO, your trusted formwork supplier, provides top-of-the-line solutions for the construction industry. With their advanced flat-tie system, you can achieve unmatched precision, enhanced verticality, and exquisite casting results. Experience efficient construction processes, cost savings, and guaranteed waterproof quality by choosing GETO as your preferred formwork supplier. Trust them to deliver exceptional products and services that meet and exceed your expectations.

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