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Online cockfighting always receives great love and participation from players around the world, especially Vietnam. Join  New88 to discover tips for playing unbeaten cockfighting in the article below.
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What is online cockfighting?

Is a type of online betting atBookmaker  New88. Here, the house will regularly update large and small online cockfighting tournaments around the world for bettors to follow. Cockfighting tournaments will include many important information such as: competition date, score, participating cocks, etc.

Through that, players will bet on their favorite cock and wait for the results. If you predict correctly and bet on the final winning cock, you will receive a bonus from the house.

In addition, at this playground, you can also participate in many other online cockfighting bets such as: betting on the most popular cock, betting on the cock with the most dangerous moves, etc.

Detailed instructions on how to participate in online cockfighting betting

Every day, online cockfighting at the house always receives strong participation from players. However, if you are a new player, there is a high possibility that you still do not know how to participate in cockfighting betting. To participate, please perform the following steps one by one:

  • Step 1: Access and log in to the dealer’s account. If the player does not have an account, you can Register now in just 1 minute.
  • Step 2: At the house’s interface, on the menu toolbar, click “Online cockfighting”.
  • Step 3: Select the tournament you are interested in and place your bet.
  • Step 4: Wait for results and receive rewards. If the chicken wins according to your prediction, the bet will be added to your account immediately.

In case the player’s account still does not receive the bonus after winning the bet, please contact the bookmaker’s customer service staff for assistance and processing.

Why should you participate in online cockfighting?

Cockfighting has always been an entertaining subject that has a strong attraction to bettors around the world. So why should you participate in betting on this game?

Watch cockfighting online for free

The first reason to answer the question is that players will be able to watch their favorite cockfights. Cockfighting tournaments will be reported live by the bookmaker and quickly updated with related news.

Diverse tournament

This is the next reason that creates the appeal of this subject. Big and small tournaments around the world are updated in detail by the bookmaker, helping bettors to follow them fully and accurately.

Create opportunities to make money

In addition, when coming to online cockfighting, you can also make money through betting from this sport. As long as you correctly predict the winning cock, you will receive all the house’s bonus. Combined with passion, I believe you will make a lot of money from this game.
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Information is kept confidential

Your information will be kept confidential by the bookmaker’s system right from the moment you register an account and participate in online cockfighting betting.  New88 uses an advanced security system with 128 bit encryption and 5 layers of firewall, creating safety for your information.

Tips for playing unbeaten online cockfighting for new players

Besides the element of luck, if you want to win a lot of money from cockfighting, you need to immediately pocket the following tips. Especially new players should not ignore it.

Choose chickens by feather color

According to our ancestors, the cock with the rarer and more beautiful feather color has the higher fighting power. For example, black chickens, five-colored chickens, etc. These types of chickens often have a balanced body, majestic figure and sharp nails. They often make dangerous attacks on their opponents and win points for those attacks.

Focus on the match

When fighting cockfighting online, you need to focus on the game seriously. From there, you can observe the entire situation of the match, see which cock is fighting harder and place a bet.

Study the performance of fighting cocks

Before placing a bet, you need to research the history of each cock that will participate in the match. If that fighting cock continuously wins many matches, then do not hesitate to invest money on this warrior.

On the contrary, if research shows that the chickens are not healthy and often lose early, then you should not bet on them. Weak chickens often manifest in many factors. For example: short body, often runs away when attacked by opponents,…

Hopefully the above information has helped readers understand online cockfighting at  New88 How does it work? If you have an eternal passion for this subject, quickly become our member!

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