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JINPENG JB180 Electric Cargo Tricycle: Efficient and Versatile E-Tricycle for Commercial Use

JINPENG, a renowned brand in the tricycle industry, presents the JB180 Electric Cargo Tricke, a reliable and efficient solution for commercial transportation needs. With its spacious cargo box, powerful motor, and advanced features, this e-tricycle offers versatility and convenience for businesses and individuals. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of the JB180, highlighting its efficiency, versatility, and the advantages it brings to clients.

Ample Space for Commercial Needs

The JB180 Electric Cargo Tricycle features a large cargo box size of 1800mm by 1200mm by 330mm, providing ample space for loading various items. Whether you need to transport goods for your business or carry bulky items, this tricycle offers sufficient room to accommodate your cargo. Its 1.8-meter length allows for carrying larger items, making it an ideal choice for commercial purposes such as deliveries or mobile vending.

Powerful Motor for Effortless Operation

Equipped with a 1500W motor, the JB180 delivers abundant power, ensuring smooth and effortless operation even when carrying heavy loads. This powerful motor allows the tricycle to navigate through various terrains and handle inclines with ease. Whether you are transporting goods within a city or traveling longer distances, the JB180 provides the necessary power to get the job done efficiently.

Informative LCD Display for Real-Time Monitoring

The JB180 features an LCD display screen located at the front, providing real-time information such as vehicle speed, battery status, and mileage. This allows users to easily monitor the tricycle’s performance and make informed decisions during their transportation activities. The informative display screen enhances the overall user experience and ensures a seamless and efficient operation.


The JINPENG JB180 Electric Cargo Tricycle offers a combination of efficiency, versatility, and safety for commercial transportation needs. With its spacious cargo box, powerful motor, informative LCD display, and reliable braking system, it provides an excellent solution for businesses and individuals requiring a dependable transportation option. Experience the efficiency and convenience of the JB180 Electric Cargo Tricycle and choose JINPENG as your trusted partner for versatile and reliable e-tricycles.

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