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Ikinor’s Interactive Whiteboard SKD Service: Customization for Your Classroom

Investing in technology for your classroom can be a significant expense, but it’s essential to provide students with the tools they need to succeed. How does Ikinor’s smart interactive whiteboard SKD service offer cost-effective solutions for educational institutions?

Ikinor’s Interactive Whiteboard SKD Service: Customization Options

In addition to providing top-of-the-line interactive whiteboards, Ikinor also offers smart interactive whiteboard SKD (Software Development Kit) service, which allows for even greater customization of your classroom technology.

With the Interactive Whiteboard SKD service, customers can develop their own smart interactive whiteboard software or customize existing software to suit their specific needs. This service is particularly useful for schools and other educational institutions that require specialized software to meet their unique teaching requirements.

Moreover, Ikinor provides OEM and ODM touch screen interactive whiteboards for customers at competitive rates. The SKD CKD solution also addresses the local requirement for government tenders, which makes procurement easier and more convenient.

Whether you’re looking for a customized interactive whiteboard solution, or simply want to take advantage of Ikinor’s high-quality hardware and software offerings, the Interactive Whiteboard SKD service is an excellent option. With this service, you can tailor your interactive whiteboard technology to meet the specific needs of your classroom and provide an unparalleled learning experience for your students.


By offering customized software solutions and OEM/ODM touch screen interactive whiteboards, Ikinor’s Interactive Whiteboard SKD service provides schools with the flexibility they need to create a classroom environment that meets their specific needs and supports effective teaching and learning.

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