Hengli Launches Special Superior-quality High Tenacity Yarn

Hengli Group produces high-tenacity yarns that are ideal for unique projects. The outstanding quality and high tensile strength of this yarn make it perfect for a variety of applications, including communications materials, geosynthetics, marine and fisheries ropes, safety protection, and structural reinforcement.

What advantages do high-tenacity yarns offer?

High-tenacity yarns made by Hengli are marketed under the name “Chaolite.” High tenacity, elastic modulus, and strong impact resistance are only a few of the numerous advantageous characteristics of chaolite. Its fabric is heat resistant, absorbs impact load, and has outstanding dimensional stability.

They are renowned all around the world for our superb quality and competent service.

Regarding Hengli Group

Hengli Group commits to the development of a few goods along the entire industrial chain, including textiles, ethylene glycol, polyester (PET), textile and industrial yarn, engineering plastics, BOPET films, and textiles. One of its key initiatives in the refining industry, according to the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, is Hengli’s 20 million tons per year refining and chemical integration project. Hengli adjusts to the times and has set records for production speed, complete process start-up, and engineering construction speed in the petrochemical industry. This can be attributed to solid strategic planning, outstanding planning, excellent construction, and efficient management.


A high-tenacity yarn from Hengli has been released and is ideal for unique designs. When utilized in industrial applications, the yarn is created to be durable and resistant to stretching. The new yarn from Hengli is offered in a variety of colors and may be altered to fit the needs of any project.

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