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Experience the Comfort of Cleanliness with Horow’s Heated Bidet Toilet

For a bathroom experience that combines comfort with advanced hygiene, look no further than Horow’s heated bidet toilet, the T20Y. This innovative fixture is set to redefine personal cleansing with its thoughtful design and health-focused features.

Advanced Hygiene: A Healthier Bathroom

The Horow T20Y comes equipped with a suite of advanced hygiene features designed to create a cleaner and healthier bathroom environment. The integrated deodorant neutralizes unwanted odors, ensuring that the bathroom remains fresh and pleasant at all times.

The Silver Ion-Added Seat: A Touch of Luxury

The T20Y’s seat is not just heated for comfort; it also incorporates silver ion technology. This advanced material is known for its antibacterial properties, providing an extra layer of cleanliness and promoting a hygienic bathroom experience.

Self-Cleaning Nozzle: Maintenance Made Easy

One of the standout features of the Horow T20Y is its self-cleaning nozzle. This innovative component ensures that the bidet spray remains clean and free from bacteria, providing a reliable and hygienic cleansing experience every time.

UV Light Sanitization: A Cutting-Edge Addition

Taking hygiene to the next level, the T20Y includes a UV light feature. This cutting-edge technology is effective in eliminating bacteria and maintaining a sanitary environment, giving users peace of mind and promoting overall bathroom health.

The Heated Bidet Toilet: A Comfort Revolution

The Horow T20Y offers more than just a clean; it provides a comfortable and soothing experience. The heated seat is an especially welcome feature during colder months, providing a warm and inviting place to sit.


The Horow T20Y is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, hygiene, and user comfort. With its advanced features like the silver ion-added seat, self-cleaning nozzle, and UV light sanitization, this heated bidet toilet sets a new standard for bathroom fixtures. Make the switch to Horow’s T20Y and experience the future of bathroom comfort and cleanliness.

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