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Boost Sales with Hanshow’s Digital Shelf Tags: Lumina Edge Leading the Way

In the competitive world of retail, driving sales and capturing customers’ attention are paramount to success. Hanshow, a renowned provider of electronic shelf tag solutions like electronic shelf labels and digital price tags, offers a game-changing product called Lumina Edge, specifically designed to enhance sales for both retailers and brands. With its cutting-edge features, including video promotions and attention-grabbing displays, Hanshow’s Lumina Edge digital shelf tags revolutionize the way retailers engage with customers and promote their products.

Boosting Sales with Lumina Edge

Lumina Edge was meticulously designed to boost sales, catering to the unique needs of retailers and brands alike. By incorporating advanced technology and innovative features, Hanshow ensures that Lumina Edge becomes an invaluable tool for driving revenue. With its ability to showcase promotions and captivating content, Lumina Edge empowers retailers to maximize sales opportunities and increase customer engagement. Retailers can leverage these digital shelf tags to highlight special deals, limited-time offers, and new product launches, capturing customers’ attention and motivating them to make purchase decisions.

Dynamic Video Promotions

One of the standout features of Lumina Edge is its capability to support bright and dynamic video promotions on the shelf edge. By utilizing high-resolution screens, Lumina Edge offers retailers an opportunity to create visually stunning and attention-grabbing video content that ensures customers will not miss out on promoted deals. The inclusion of video promotions adds an extra layer of excitement and interactivity to the shopping experience, effectively influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. With Lumina Edge, retailers can bring their promotional campaigns to life and create memorable shopping experiences that drive sales.


Hanshow’s Lumina Edge digital shelf tags offer retailers an unparalleled solution for boosting sales and captivating customers. Choose Lumina Edge and unlock the potential for enhanced sales performance and customer satisfaction in the retail landscape.

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